Conversation Heart Garland

I love conversation hearts!! To clarify, not really how they taste in their chalky weird banana-y, fruity, or mint-y flavors, but how they look, in all their bright pastel glory!!

And I’m a bit nostalgic too…thinking back to my elementary school days. Exchanging valentines with classmates, conversation hearts were THE candy of choice sprinkled into thin paper envelopes, hastily licked and dashed into decorated shoebox card holders on the edge of our desks. And even when sorting them into their respective valentines giftees, carefully selecting who got what sentiment! (I tell all my secrets!!)

I heard this year – 2019 – is a year of no hearts!! Recently, Necco Candy company was sold to Spangler Candy, and they didn’t have enough time to get them into production for the February holiday. (I do see Brachs Candy has their own version available – wonder if they taste better, if you can find them).

So as we wait for the return of these pastel sweet treats, how about a paper garland to add a bit of cheery color, with no calories to count to your valentine decor. And here’s to also hoping that next years production is also an unveiling of wonderful new flavors!! (Hey, a girl can dream!!)

I cut my hearts on my Cricut Maker, I’ll link below for the PNG file, you can download it right into Design Space. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can open the JPEG file in Word and print on colorful card stock paper and cut out by hand…the shape is so simple, won’t take but a few minutes to whip some out. Punch holes on the top edge of the heart bumps. I love stringing them on some thicker candy colored bakers twine.

I also sized down the hearts, and cut them onto some foil paper, glued them to acetate and made some slides for my own light box…there not as pastel-y as I’d like, but still a fun way to coordinate my decor.

Hope you are enjoying some Valentine’s Day treats and sweets with your favorite people. Thanks so much for stopping by!!