Thoughts on Mom

Mothers Day!! A little reflection on my mama and her mom today – and honestly, not a day goes by that I don’t think of or am reminded of each of them at some point.

My mama flew away to heaven too soon for us left behind. She was fifty four years young. But she filled her days with living, she was thoughtful, she lived how she believed she should, she was herself!

She loved her Saviour fiercely, and would take any opportunity to sing His praise, or point your thoughts to Him. I loved what G.W. bush said when his mama left this world behind, ‘Our hearts are settled because we knew hers was’. And I can say that of my mom. She was assured of her eternity, and  I miss her crazy, but only for a short time. I know I’ll see her again.

My gram has also lived her days full. And she continues to still. She worked and waited in her early twenties as her newly wed husband fought in Europe. By Gods Grace, he returned, and they began their family. My Gram went to college, and got her degree after her youngest went into jr high. The years stretched and she retired from her profession of teaching, and started another business in real estate. She has faced untold sorrow burying two of her children, and her husband. And yet, she lives her days without complaint, she nods and smiles, and encourages us to face life bravely.

I feel so blessed to have these two. I’m missing being with my mom today, but will think fondly on her. I’ll chat the ear off of my barista, whistle a song, and clean a cupboard or two. Mom will live on thru me!!

Hug your mama today, and if you can’t – do something that made her her unique, let her live on thru you!!

thanks so much for stopping by!