Joy in the Journey

The past week, I was able to have a small part in a ladies retreat. The decor revolved around Journey theme, with all the vintage travel goodness we could collect!

We are lucky that eclectic, vintage (old junk!), easy to collect decor is in! It is budget worthy, and fun!

We hauled my old steamer trunk, and tower of suitcases -with a couple of vintage picnic baskets into the conference room at the hotel.  I also love the impact of the destination sign – simple to construct with basic wood working skills.

I had never heard of before this, but Mavela tape – found at the teacher supply store (or Amazon, of course) -is truly the wonder tape!! 

It allowed us to scatter some vintage style posters, old license plates and postcards on wallpapered walls. Everything stayed up securely, and was removed without any leaving any damage! If you are decorating for an event, get you some!

Our main backdrop was a large ikea poster/mural a very talented friend calligraphed for us. It turned it beautifully!

I love how all the muted tones worked together. Conference rooms in general are pretty boring, kindof ugly…and the lighting not ideal. Keeping the decorations relatively simple, with muted color tones didn’t crowd the room, and pretty effective dressing up the space!

Happy Monday!! Thanks so much for stopping by!