When It Rains, It Pours!

And that’s not the weather, although, this has been such a rainy spring…I so can’t wait for some sunshine!!

My house, and my head, have this ‘Open for Business’ kind of feeling lately! We have had lots of action going on over here. Its all good, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Just takes lots of planning and organizing. And it looks like its gonna keep on coming!

We have a great opportunity this week. Our brother-in-law is scheduled for long awaited surgery – its of a more serious situation. But we get to open our home to his adult children. As we only live a couple of blocks from the hospital, we can help save some parking hassles and hopefully, offer a bit of reprieve from long walks down hospital corridors and cafeteria jello.

Surgery is scheduled to last over ten hours, and with recovery time as well, Its bound to be a long day. We are planning to have coffee and sweets in the morning, and hot roast beef sandwiches and snacks thru the day. Hoping to share a little love of Jesus in their stressful time. We’d appreciate a prayer if you think of us. – Update: He came through with flying colors!! Home, healing in less than five days…truly God’s goodness!!


And then I’m heading out of town, its ladies retreat time! We host a local retreat, this year’s new venue is in Squamish – a mountain village! I get to do some decorating and flower arranging, and even speak in one of the break out sessions. I’m looking forward to spending a few days with my oldest girl, have some long conversations with friends, and drink entirely too much coffee!!

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and awesome truths here later from the break out session. Its been a terrific study on detours of life. I have learned so much! I’m so thankful for God’s word, its help and comfort.

I hope you too, have some opportunities to share with others this week!

Thanks so much for stopping by!