Bunny Racers

Cute Bunny Racers! Perfect for place settings or favors for your Easter brunch.


Bunny Peeps -1

Twinkie snack cake -1

Oreo Thins -2 whole, 1 cut in half

Frosting ‘Glue’

Toothpick Flag -1

Tho this idea is not original with me, I have modified it for ingredients I could find. They are fun, and easy to create. Sweetness overload!!


Just cut a Rabbit Peep ‘seat’ in the back third of the Twinkie.

I cut the Oreo Thins in half with a sharp knife. Press to front sides of Twinkie car with a small dot of icing.

Rear Racer wheels are whole Oreo Thins, stuck onto the Twinkie with icing.


add tiny toothpick flag at the back!


These are fun to make, and would be a very easy craft for any age, with just a little prep.


I hope you enjoy! Thanks so much for stopping by!