Being Still

We’re not really St Patrick’s Day celebrators around here. We didn’t really grow up with it. Except as kids, we always got in on the pinching anyone who wasn’t wearing green!! (Is that still a thing??) And my mom made corned beef and cabbage sometimes on the 17th of March. Hmmm, I could go for some right now!!

I came across this quote, attributed to St Patrick.

It’s so good. I’veeen thinking on this for a while now, how hard it is to just be still. So many distractions, social media, texting, television. I kindof delude myself that I do it all stay in touch, when I really it distracts me, frustrates me, wastes so much of my time. I should be staying still, and getting in touch with my God.

Anyway, thought you’d like this too.

To print, Be Still Quote if you’d like (please, personal use only).

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