All I Need

Around here…I’m still in bed. It’s been almost every day of February, and probably 25 of the 31 in January. My health is frail right now. I’m optimistic it won’t stay this way, but it might.

Thankfully today’s view, off our balcony (I can look out thru the French door) is Bright. Sunshiney. Cold and Snowy.
It is a beautiful day outside. And as I was really taking in and enjoying the view, the Lord brought this to my mind – All I Have Needed Thy Hand hath Provided!

I have been praying the Lords Prayer recently. And thinking on its immediacy.
It is said (written) in present tense. Thy will be done, present tense. Give us this day our daily bread, present tense. Forgive us, Lead us, Deliver us, present tense.
And today, here in my sweet little home, ‘all ’ I need, His Hand is providing.

I have anything, and everything I need for today. I could – and sometimes do, get frustrated with where I am, my forced limitations, not getting to ‘do’ what I want.

But today, I have found great peace in resting in the present. And being satisfied that all I need, I have.

…and then, thinking on the Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me, wow!! I have so so many rich, grand memories. There is so many things in my life that I have gotten to do that I’ve wanted to do. So many dreams met. So very many blessings. I can only reflect and be grateful of Gods Faithfulness to me.

I was messaging with my friend this morning, – we have had so many adventures together.
We were reminiscing about a wedding we decorated together. We would plan big, on a small budget, and work like crazy to make it happen! This particular wedding, the budget set by a very frugal father and dreamy eyed daughter, we went foraging on the side of the road for ferns. We had armed ourselves with large cups of coffee, sunglasses (so nobody could recognize us!!), boots, and scissors and shears. We headed into ditches and patches, filling our buckets, trying not to think about any lurking creepy crawlies.

We headed back into town, dashing through the drive thru for more coffee to fuel our inevitable all-nighter of trimming, arranging and decorating. We talked, and worked, got to be creative and meet a need all in one! And in the midst of it, build a life long friendship we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Unfortunately, pre-iPhone days, we were not keeping good photo records of our grand forays. But the memories are still sweet and vivid. I see Gods faithfulness in allowing me to do so so many things I absolutely loved.

And yes, today may not be going exactly as I had hoped or planned, I rest in that I have all I need.

can I encourage you to re-look at the Lords Prayer? Pray it. Pray it in the morning, and mid day. Pray it in the dark night. Pray it when you are feeling down. Sseek God in the now. For what you need now. And see His great hand.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


the printables for Great is Thy Faithfulness:

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All I have Needed Squamish River PDF

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