New Outlook

I love my Instagram peeps! I enjoy seeing new ideas, yummy food posts, fun gatherings, cute kids and babies…it really is a little sneak peek into a bit of another life.
I follow one entrepreneurial minded -and action packed gal whose making a living creating fun things to add positive influences into every day life.
She’s got a new emphasis on starting the month fresh, Every Month.
I love it! Instead of losing hope when our New Years resolutions have crashed and burned by January 20, and kind of losing hope of resurrecting them, she’s encouraging a new ‘resolute’ beginning for the start of each month.
-And hey, if it doesn’t quite get off the ground as you imagine, woo hoo! A new month is really just around the corner!
….I say all that, and I’m not a resolution making type person. I love the new year, and really, find myself especially reminiscing and looking forward for the year at my birthday – which helps being in mid January.
I find New Years creeps up so quickly on the heels of Christmas, and family gatherings, and general merry making, and I have just not had the time to thoughtfully contemplate as I’d like.

So! Here’s to a fresh start! and as January has slipped away, I’m looking at the lovely month of Feb!!
I do love a little Valentines Day- card making and cookie baking included, our favorite little boy celebrates turning six, and we’re lunching and re-connecting with a lovely couple who’ve just moved back to the
And mostly, a fresh start around here, in blogland. I honestly blog quite regularly in my mind…it’s the whole getting it on ‘paper’ I’m kindof failing at! Looking forward to sharing the bits and pieces of life here and hoping you’ll share back with your bits and pieces.
Ready to join me!?