Approaching the Holidays

Wow! Its starting already! All the holiday and Christmas posts on social media, tv commercials, and in shops the very minute Halloween is over – I’ve even had moments of panic as the thought of decorating, gift (choosing and) buying,and  coordinating of calendars is fast approaching.

Every year I remind myself it’s not about the giving and the doing. I remind myself it’s about the One we celebrate….and every year I’m guilty of so soon forgetting.

I came across this awesome quote by Amy Carmichael:

I know, this quote is probably used in the context of giving financially, and most likely in the context of missions. And I don’t want to minimize that. But it really struck home with me as I as thinking about in context of how I face busy seasons of my life.

So in reference to this busy season approaching – I’m printing this quote for all the places! I have to keep it in front of me, every day. In my house, it starts with me.

What can I do without. What can I do to reign in crazy holiday expectations that materialize every year. What can I eliminate from our hectic schedules, and tight finances, and focus what is within my limits to be more effective and meaningful.

I want to finish December strong, knowing I had something left to give – financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, because I said NO to what I could – and needed- to do without.

So many of the holiday pressures I put on myself, and feel obligated to perform, I know they are ultimately because I’m proud. I want to look like I have it all together, like a mini Martha Stewart – perfect in my hostessing, cookie baking, card making and sending, gift wrapping and tree decorating.

And then by December 20, I can find myself exhausted, and cranky, and just hoping it will  all be over with soon!

I could break down here tips on list making and budget setting, I will for myself. But I don’t think I need to go over that here, at least now. Mostly, its that gentle (or firm) reminding to myself again and again that I want to focus on for now.

What can I give up – as far as keeping our family schedule free-er, how can I simplify my expectations and turn my must haves into maybes.

I want to have more time to give to those who are lonely, gifts to give to some who won’t get gifts, cookies to share with not only friends but to neighbors.

so! Here’s to trying to challenge myself now! I’m going to try to reign it in. Be prepared. Enjoy the festivities without having to regret rash, guilt infused decisions!!

wanna join me!?

a couple of these Amy Carmichael quotes for you.

First, the quote on the acorns and cedar – perfect for a gallery wall:





Do Without on Acorns

or here is one you can print on your own patterned or colored paper:







Do Without on Grey


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