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Autumn Wreath DIY

How about a quick autumn wreath diy!?

Supply List:

grapevine wreath – mine measures approximately 7 inches across, 2 fall picks, assorted – I chose 1 with sunflowers and small pumpkin accent, and 1 with beaded corn, linen ribbon 3 1/2 inches wide, wire, fall leaves (they had previously been pressed in a book to flatten), pine cones, 2 acorns (from a fall assortment table decoration bag).

1. Start with your main focal pick – mine is the sunflower pick. It is a group of leaves, flowers, assorted bits wired together. The thick wire base at the bottom is perfect to snuggle into the vines of the grapevine wreath. Begin by manipulating your focal flowers to the bottom of the wire – use following picture for reference

Continue to coax the wire and flowers into a curved shape

2.Lay the pick onto the wreath to see how it will look. Continue bending, manipulating the pick until you are satisfied with the flower position and placement.

3.You can then slide the thick wire base into the grapevine wreath. Hide it, but you are also helping to secure it. Take a 6-8 inch piece of your wire and wire the pick onto the wreath.

Trim the wire, and hide the ends into the wreath. You don’t want any sharp ends sticking out to injure yourself as you work, or scratch you worktable, or wall later when hanging.

4. Take your second fall pick. Lay or nestle it into the wreath. Mine overlays the blank space in the middle of the first pick. Slide the thick wire into the vines of the wreath as well.

Manipulate the leaves, corn, until you are satisfied with the placement. Wire this pick into place.

5. On one one of my picks were small orange daisies. They were kind of lost when I was trying to position them. So I just pulled them off of the base, added small wire, and wired them into place near The front, with the sunflowers.

5. Next is a bow. My ribbon is a wired linen style ribbon. 3 1/2 inches wide.

Of course, you can use any ribbon you like. If it’s not wide enough, double or triple it up, give it more fullness. Play with it. Even after you wire, if you’re not happy, take the wire off, and re fold it. Most ribbon is forgiving like that.

Cut yourself a 4-6 inch piece of wire, leave your ribbon on the roll, start layering it. You are folding it back and forth over itself. I did four folds.

7. Wrap your wire around the ribbon right in the center of your folds. As you twist the wire around on itself, it will tighten and gather the ribbon. Trim the ribbon the desired length from the roll.

I either diagonal cut or cut a V shape into the end of the ribbon (mostly to prevent fraying, but it looks nicer too!)

Now fluff, twist, shape your bow to look as you would like it to.

8. Position your bow onto your wreath and wire it into place.

9. Now for the extras. I wrapped wire around the bottoms of the pine cones. My acorns were a styrofoam substance – I just poked my wire into the top of them. I didn’t glue, but you could if your wreath will be on a door and get moved around some.

Bend and secure the pine cones and acorns wire into place. I just stick the randomly under leaves and flowers.

10. Finally, I stash some of my dried leaves into the edges, for fullness and depth.

To hang the wreath, you could twist some wire around the branches at the back of the wreath. I did not, mine just settled nicely onto the nail in the wall.

I would love to see your completed wreath projects, or hear any comments you might have!

Happy Fall!!