Viewing the Eclipse

August 21, 2017; 10:21am; an (almost) total solar eclipse viewing here in my city, Vancouver.

I admit, I didn’t really get on the eclipse viewing bandwagon, thus no ‘real’ solar glass viewers.

As a kid, I remember in science class using index card pin hole viewers, but of course I could’nt really remember how we made or used them. As the weekend approached, and friends and family started sharing their watching plans, yikes! I thought I better not miss out on the action!!

Thank you Google! You reminded me! A little paper, aluminum foil, and pin hole made with a safety pin! It worked and I didn’t miss out! See it! Yes, that tiny speck of light on the paper!! It’s just a crescent shaped bit of light left as the moon is passing by!

I must admit, I also enjoyed watching the viewers as much as the actual viewing. A few in the neighborhood came and went in the hour before the actual event. And then about 10:10, you could feel the buzz in the air, and then the quiet. It was surreal as our bright sky darkened.


This whole eclipse viewing really doesn’t impact my life in any significant way. It’s been interesting, a conversation starter, maybe a bit of nostalgia thinking back to old school ways the majority of the population viewed back in the day. And now, solar viewing glasses will be more than likely tossed aside, daily activities resume, life will go on, (unless you burned your retina😬).

But all of this got me thinking tho about another Son viewing.

….and then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. Mark 13:26

This date we can’t predict, no special viewing glasses will be necessary. It will undoubtedly create a stir.

And it should change my life. Today. It should impact the way I view life and those around me. And the way I’m living my life in light of the future.

I hope you’re encouraged to do some viewing and living in the light of the Son today as well!