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Summer Reading – Magazines!!

I love a good magazine! And a good magazine makes for a perfect summery Saturday afternoon reading!

A little inspiration, information, eye candy, no time commitment (i.e. a book), relaxation all wrapped in one!

I read and re-read them. I love to refer back to old issues for ‘new’ ideas. And cherished like old friends, my favorite magazines are not soon forgotten. Some get favored bookshelf status, others boxed in the closet, and rotated back into use according to seasons and holidays.

My new found favorite read is actually magazines on my Kindle! I miss the feel of smooth glossy pages, but am finding the hoarding much more convenient!

And if you keep an eye out, Amazon runs sales on magazine subscription quite regularly.

Right now -as in today, there are a great number of $5.00 yearly subscriptions sales!

Yep! You heard that right, $5.00!! Cooking, home decor and living, fashion, and more!

So, check it out HERE.

But don’t wait, the sale could go off at any time too.

It maybe only today, or even for a few hours! I’ve learned the hard way on that too!!

And hey, please share anything in the comments – I’d love to hear what you found!

Happy Summer!

Happy Reading!