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Sweets for Valentines Day

cookie love

Little Valentine cookie baking going on around here…sent off a box to our College Girl and her Guy…hope they make it, and not in a million pieces!

We love our cookies around here….

The Linzer Heart cookie is one of our Vday staples- (pictured here in the middle). I use the Martha Stewart recipe. We just have always melted chocolate splattered over the finished cookie, instead of a powdered sugar dusting. Maybe because the other cookies are sugar coated…

The chocolate cookie pictured, is the Chocolate Crinkle. My tip on these – just don’t over bake, better a little fudgy in the middle!

The white cookie ball is a Mexican Wedding cookie. They are easy to whip up, shortbread-like and perfect for the pecan lovers!

It really not so hard to whip up a couple of different batches at once….I mix the chocolate crinkle dough first, let it chill, whip up the wedding cookies, while they bake, mix up and roll the linzer cookie dough. Enough cookies for giving and eating in about two hours.

Hope you feel inspired to create a little cookie love for your people!


Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Heart Week!!