Autumn Thoughts

I’m trying hard to hang onto autumn…once Halloween passes, it seems everywhere you turns, its all out Christmas!! With Remembrance Day this week, and Thanksgiving in a few, I first want to be thoughtful in them before I let the sparkly, warm, feel good holiday sentiments overtake me!! You know, bake and eat all the cookies; buy, wrap, and give all the presents; watch all the holiday specials and movies; listen addendum to favorite Christmas Cds; and of course, redecorate every inch of living space with lights, greenery, and  tinsel!!


I love this quote – `Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better` Sydney J Harris

My internal voice never stops, and I think I am always wanting change; wanting to improve my circumstances, create opportunities for things to get better – around my house, my relationships, my finances…but really, do I? I’m not so sure, ’cause I am constantly fighting that change! Grumbling about that ever collecting dust, and grime, whining because I haven’t had genuine friend or husband and family time, worrying about an always dwindling checking account…when in reality I need to take steps to make the changes happen. (ouch!!)

So before I hastily grab those acorns, and glue gold glitter to their caps, and crumple the dried leaves to make room for evergreen boughs, I am going to sit quietly, meditate on God’s work in my heart and see the change He wants to work in me!

I love this verse…but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

From my handy dictionary –

Transformed: changed in form or external appearance, metamorphoses

– a change of heart in man, by which his disposition and temper are conformed to the divine image, a change from enmity (the quality of being the enemy) to holiness and love.

Renewing: making new again; repairing; re-established; renovated

Effort – that’s what really jumps out of me. Determined effort, or that 4 letter word – work!! Working deliberately on those things that I know and will eventually see need to be changed in me.

Autumn is such a good time to reflect on this – the trees shed their summer glory, we rake and dispose of the waste, the acorns and other seeds fall from the trees…they too will die of themselves and become new life in the spring. What a wonderful picture for our own lives…the shedding – even repenting- of what needs to die, to make room for what brings a renewing within us!!

Wow! lots to think on!!


thanks so much for stopping by!!

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