My Gram

gram with melon watermark2My Gram!!

This sweet picture of a small girl with a big smile and as big a slice of watermelon at a Sunday afternoon Sunday School picnic is my Gram. (I also love the bits of wheat seen in the background!)  The Kansas kid, Grace Marguerite  must be about 5 years old here. It would have been the mid 1920’s.

Marguerite was born to a one room schoolhouse teaching mom, Jessie Grace. Not sure how many actually lived in the tiny town of Fairport, but weather permitting,  kids must have walked from homesteads all around that flat Kansas land. Mom and Gram– here in the late 1990’s is Mary, my mom and Grace Marguerite revisiting those grassy prairies, and the old roofless schoolhouse.

These bits and pieces of what is now my history, I hold tightly. I’ve  heard stories of their perseverance in great adversity;  a disappearing father – in times it wasn’t accepting to be a single mom of a small girl; supportive grandparents who raised little Marguerite, to die only day apart in the hot Kansas summer. Loss and yet, seeing how they lived their lives, not complaining, but growing and learning from what shaped them. And loving, each other, through dust storms, and world war, and heart ache when love’s lost. I too was born of that same Kansas grit, and am so proud to call them mine!!

With such a memento as that photo is, I love preserving it? Layering  it in resin, creating a one of a kind treasure.

memento charm                                         Hang with a vintage mother of pearl button and freshwater pearl!

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