Lavender Wreath DIY

I love lavender! I love it fresh, newly picked. I love it dried – in wreaths, sachets, for decor.  Every home I have lived in for 20 plus years,  I have always planted lavender! My problem now – we own no dirt! We live in a townhouse, only balconies…no yard space.

But lucky me! My sister has an abundant supply. And she shares it freely with me! All the lavender my heart desires!! What a sister!! : )

freshly cut lavender

The lavender wreath we will make starts small. The grapevine form is about 3 inches across, the finished wreath is about 9 inches across.

Materials needed:  grapevine wreath form

                                    paddle of coated wire -26 or 28 gauge

                                    lavender – an armload!!

To make a lavender wreath, start with freshly cut lavender. I love the  Grosso or Provence varieties, with their long slender heads that curve slightly as they dry. You can use which kind you like, just plan to harvest before it blooms. It will dry and last for years to come!

I gather my lavender in small bunches, trim them short and wire directly to the frame. (If you feel you can’t mange the stems, wire, and wreath form – go ahead and pre-wire your bunches.)


To start, take an end of the wire, twist directly onto the back of your grapevine wreath. wrap the wire around the wreath form a couple of times to secure it. Important Note: Do Not Cut Your Wire. You will wrap from the paddle until completely finished.

Place first small bunch to top of wreath, wrap wire snugly – but not too tightly as to break the stems – around wreath base two or three times. (Pass the wire paddle thru the center of the wreath and around the bunch.)

 Now the second small bunch of lavender will lay directly on the front of the wreath, even with the first bunch. Wrap wire around 2-3 times.

Now for the next layer of lavender. You are going to overlap the second bunch of lavender at the top of the wreath form onto the first, layered back slightly.  You will continue to add bunches in the same manner around the wreath base, wrap with wire, add second bunch to the front of the wreath slightly back fro first, and so on….

half way done

3/4 completedView from the back:

view from back

Finishing up, gently tuck those last few bunches into place. Wire carefully, trying not to catch the heads from previously wired bunches. Finally trim your wire, tuck into the wreath to hide the end.

finished lavender wreath

lavender wreath

I would recommend hanging to dry in a warm, dry location. Mine I have hung outside under a backyard canopy. You want to give it good air flow from the front and back so your beautifully hand wired wreath gets to dry thoroughly and not mold.

You can add a wire loop at the back to hang, or even a beautiful wide satin ribbon. And enjoy!!

thanks so much for stopping by!

– Lynn